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19-06-2003 Evert Herrebrugh wrote:

Hi Folk: Great and ominous things are happening in the world to-day. The wise king Solomon ( and he should know; he had 700 wives and 300 concubines!!) once said:

" There is a time to be born, and a time to die.
A time to kill, and a time to heal...
A time to weep, and a time to laugh.
A time to mourn, and a time to dance...
A time of war, and a time of peace..."

You all probably went or are in the process of going thru some of these experiences. We hope to learn from bad ones and celebrate the good ones. It so happen that to-day, June 18, 2003, I celebrate my 40th anniversary of having lived in the best country in the world ( even according to the UN in their annual report re. the standing of the nations of the world ). My wife, Sylvia, my children Darren and Nancy and 4 grand-children Chantal, Drew, Nicolas and Marijke, and one coming in December 2003, and, of course the good Lord, will attest to that ( well ... not the unborn one as yet!!). I still remember the day at Schiphol Airport. My mother, Leslie, Ferry and Sjaan ( I think ), aunt Tjoes and aunt Caja bade me farewell. Three of the six mentioned are not with us anymore. I, with my other fellow immigrants, walked on the tarmac and climbed the stairs. At the top of the stairs, just before getting into the KLM FLIGHT 683, a DC-8,  I turned around I did the thing public figures do when they turn around at the top of air plane stairs: I waved and said good-buy not only to my loved ones, but also to a country I was going to leave with mixed feelings ( I have felt better now since "Het Gebaar" made a financial gesture ). The faces, so familiar in my younger days, became blurred and in a haze I entered the plane. I stayed in Montreal in the YMCA.  The next day I would embark on a trip I will never forget: 2.5 days on a Canadian Pacific train, travelling east to west, from the industrialized centres of Canada to the Canadian Prairies: hot summers and ice-cold winters over unending horizons. I got in my room, opened the windows and saw these huge American cars, slowly...slowly making their way to whatever destination. Then, all of a sudden it hit me: " What am I doing in this strange land??" I sensed desperation welling up like a tsunami: " What am I going do in this country??" Well, reality came back as I realized I had a one way ticket and there was no way to even think of going back. After that horrific one-second-flash experience I never had a flinch of home sickness. The train trip was wonderful. I settled in Edmonton, moved here and there, lived in Vancouver for a while. I met Sylvia. At that time , mid 60's, she worked as a Registered Nurse in Bellingham, Wa. USA, just south from Vancouver. We got married in June '67, lived in Vancouver and moved back to Edmonton. We, with our children, have lived in the 3 Western Provinces of Canada: Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. To make a long story very short I hope to retire in November,03, but still plan to work partime. I will even get a modest Dutch pension, plus vacation pay!! Yes I worked in Holland for that pension money: seven years in the armed forces ( not in Tibet!!). It's going to be a wonderful life. Still feel fit and well. God has been good. I told a guy at the office that to-day is my 40th being in Canada. He is a Dane:big and a beard. Doesn't like the queen of England, so he is no Canadian. So his response was:" Amazing they haven't thrown you out yet!!" We had a good laugh on that one.

" As cold water to a weary soul, So is good news from a far country." (Proverbs 25: 25)
("Goede tijding van een ver land, is koel water voor een dorstige ziel". Spreuken 25:25)

28-6-2003 Cees Herrebrugh wrote:

Die hutkoffer hier staat op naam van Johan Herrebrugh en is duidelijk verscheept geweest van Soerabaja naar Rotterdam en met de Rotterdamsche Lloyd, maar meer weet ik voorlopig niet. Passagierslijsten van reizen tussen Nederland en Ned.-Indië zijn op het Net eigenlijk niet terug te vinden en wat over die schepen vermeld staat zijn alleen algemeenheden. Als de Johan van Oldebarnevelt er met Google meer dan vijf keer uitkomt is het veel, hoor.

Question: Does anybody know how to get passenger lists from the Johan van Oldebarnevelt or does somebody still has them????

18-07-2003 Hans Holdijk wrote:

Wat is uw relatie tot: Frederik Anthony (Frits) DELMAAR Heeft u enig idee of een van zijn zonen bij het KNIL heeft gezeten en bij welk onderdeel dan wel. Deze zoon zond hem geld tijdens de oorlog 1941 - 1942. (  http://www.hsp-veldpost.nl/indie/ni-veldpost-1941-1942/veldpost-distributiekt-084_1942-02-10.htm  ) Ik vraag u dit i.v.m. een onderzoekje naar de lokaties van de mobile VELDPOST in Ned. Indie.

Question: does anybody know more about the above mentioned person and if one of his sons was in the KNIL?

21-07-2003 Hans Versnel wrote:
(just used a little part of the mail)

In 1962 toen Ferrie Herrebrugh en ik ontgroend werden in Utrecht kwamen wij er achter dat we (achter)neven zijn. Waar is Ferrie gebleven? Heb je een adres.

Question: He is looking for Ferrie Herrebrugh ! He was togetherwith him back in 1962 in Utrecht for "ontgroening"

29-02-2004 Rob Scheepens wrote:

Surfend op Internet, op zoek naar van alles over de naam Schuylenburch, kwam ik op deze site. Heeft u misschien informatie voor me die ik kan gebruiken op mijn pagina ( http://www.robster.org/schuylenburch.htm )? Alvast bedankt!

Question: Does anybody has more information about the name Schuylenburch, he wants the info for his own site!

13-08-2004 Willy Tirtadji wrote:

Wat leuk dat via Google ik per ongeluk een site ben tegen gekomen met o.a. een van de broers van mijn over-over grootvader, met name Nio Poan Kok = N.P. Kok.

Mijn ouders zijn beiden (ja, toen kon het) kleinzoon en klein dochter van resp. Nio Poan Soei en Nio Poan Kam, beiden broers van N.P. Kok. Zijn vierde broer heet Nio Poan Bing.

Het is vreemd genoeg dat we de volgende generaties van N.P. Kok volledig kwijt zijn geraakt, m.a.w. niets van te weten zijn over wie-wie is etc. Afstammelingen van de andere drie broers hebben we nog goed kunnen bijhouden.

Daarom mijn mail, om via jou misschien toch wat meer te weten te komen over de N.P. Kok (= Nio Poan Kok).

Question: Does anybody know more about N.P. Kok

27-10-2004 Erin Jacoby wrote:

My name is Erin Claire Jacoby and I am a college student in San Francisco,
California. Tonight, it did a Google search on my name and came up with your
Family Tree site. What was strange is that Matthew Aaron Jacoby and his family
have very similar names to my family. I, of course am Erin Claire Jacoby. My
father’s name is Stephen Nicolas Jacoby, my brother is Matthew Scott Jacoby,
and my great grandfather, who is the first Jacoby who came here from Italy in
about 1913, I believe, was Nicola Jacoby (originally Giacobbe)

Wow, what a small world! Congrats on such a neat site!

Remark: Matthew are you guys related or is this just coincedence?

19-12-2004 Chuck Lontor wrote:

Dear Marielle, Can you tell me where the name "Lontor" comes from? And what language do you & your ancestors speak ? And what language is spoken on the island today. I would appreciate any information you can provide. Thanking you in advance. Chuck Lontor.

Question: Is there somebody who knows the answer?

28-12-2004 Jan van Vliet wrote:

hello I am Jan van Vliet from the Netherlands and I am looking for the email adres from un old friend of mine. His name is Evert Michiel Herrebrugh. He is Born on the july 11. 1946. If you could help me to get contacted to him I will be verry greatfull.

Question: please react to me, I will give Jan van Vliet his emailadress

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