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I said before that our named probably originated from the Danish name "Heerenburg". But Cees Herrebrugh surfed around on the net and found out the following:

On a Danish site he found a text on a grave stone (I will try to translate it into English nowadays)

Here is lying Henrik von Lind. Born in Heerenburg (Gelderland) on June 17th 1655. Died Jonkoping on December 5th 1733.

So I guess that is not where our name comes from!

Another possibility:

There is a Alta Heerenburg we know nothing about, only that she gave birth to a baby on Banda Neira at the 20th of November 1876, called Josefina Heerenburg. That would mean that there were to families on the little island living next to eachother.....

The search is continuing..............

05/04/2004: The continuing search has given another option
(thanks to Bob Versteegh)

The name Heerenburg does have something to do with the name Herrebrugh. Slave children, children born out of wedlock (that is the right way to say it I hope) and children that were not recognized by their father, where given (while baptised) a name that looked like or referred to the (god)father and sometimes godmother or their welldoers. They say it was a common way to do this back in those days.

The above mentioned Alta Heerenburg has been a free slave child (the mother probably worked on the plantation) and has been baptised with the above mentioned name.

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