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again with thanks to Cees Herrebrugh

From two sources I received the same information according to Evert Herrebrugh (I).They found the information in a family tree of Jeannot Kant.

There is a Wilhelmus Herrebrugh, baptised on the 22nd of May 1765 in Amsterdam, who's parents were Coenraad Herrebrug (Herbrug) born approximately in 1723, died on the 4th of May 1775 in Amsterdam and Margaretha Wemmers (Wimmerd) born approximately in 1735 and died on August the 20th 1775 in Amsterdam.

Why is this interesting.....well one of the sons of Evert Herrebrugh(II) and Geertruida Carolina Hertog was called Coenraad Wemmers.
Maybe Evert Herrebrugh (I) is a son of Coenraad and Margaretha and a brother of Wilhelmus. So maybe this a a step further back in time, but it is not clear yet......

So if you have any information to make it more official, please send it to me.

Bron: Rijksdienst voor de Monumentenzorg Zeist
Fotographer: H.P.Deys
Number: TG-0488

"This gate is rebuild on 14th May 1875 by me Andries Michiel Herrebrugh. Owner of .......Matalenco

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