As you see the family site has changed again!


There was a picture here with some unknown relatives. We didn't find out who these peolpe were, so that is the reason I removed the picture. If you still want to take one last look...
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!!! HELP!! Big Problem!!!

I lost the whole typed database (the tree) due to a computer problem. I could trace around the 365 names. But I am sure that a lot of the old wrong data is in the tree again. So please if there has to be additional information or other changes, please contact me!!! That is the only way to get the tree up to date again!


New site

Not only this site has changed, I have been busy also with making a site for Peter's own firm that he started this year. Take a look...(dutch)

Some other things that changed is that I removed the family picture page, because nobody is sending family pictures. But you never know if it will come back again eventually when I do receive more pictures!

New Page

I made a new page on this website. Over the years I got a lot of questions and reactions from all over the world. I thougt it could be nice to put some of the reactions and some questions (sorry most of them in dutch, but if you want them translated I can take care of that too, just ask) on this site. If you have answers or see a reaction of somebody you lost contact with, just mail me and I will give the address to mail to (if the receipiant agrees too)

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Links to other pages

Rick van den Broeke
(Indisch informatiepunt)
Here you will find the most up to date information about the Banda Isles and other interesting links.

Junyo Maru
Information about a cargo ship that sunk during WW II.

VOC kenniscentrum
This site is in dutch.

The Atlas Mutual Heritage is a databank containing a complete survey of VOC settlements and illustrative material of these settlements.

I want to give credit to one of my relatives for doing such a good job on finding out so much on our family. All the information you will find here is the is the work of one of my relatives, Irene Herrebrugh, who gave all the information to my grandfather.


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